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Everlast Launches First Cross-functional Workout And Training Facility - Bwwfitnessworld

max workouts The Lab is the first of several highly anticipated Everlast gyms that will debut across the country. The Lab boasts amenities that include a multi-functional cross training area with a variety of equipment including suspension training and plyometric boxes; in addition to a full boxing ring and complete fight sports training accessories. Group exercise options range from Kettle Bell bootcamps, to small group classes such as Power Strike and Core Flyte Training. Classes and training sessions are strategically designed by The Lab's coaches and trainers to benefit individual needs. "The Lab's message, 'Fitness Evolved' speaks to all levels of fitness, designed to help consumers discover new and engaging ways of training," says Lab Manager and Trainer, Manny Rivera. In addition to serving as a fitness center, The Lab will host press events and photo Shin Ohtake workouts shoots, help test and develop new Everlast products and serve as a training center for professional athletes visiting the NYC area. "We are very excited to debut The Lab training facility, it is an initiative the public has asked about for quite some time," says President/CEO, Neil Morton.
More http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwfitness/article/Everlast-Launches-First-Cross-Functional-Workout-And-Training-Facility-20140512

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