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Aerospace Medicine; More Than Just Doctors

Aerospace medicine; more than just doctors They are also responsible for certifying, maintaining and treating all pilots, aircrew and flightline workers in support of flying operations. Although medicine is in the name, the squadron does much more than that, said Maj. (Dr.) Kenji check it out Takano, 99th AMDS flight surgeon. "It is medicine, but it's also a lot of physiology and understanding of the occupational and physical stresses that [aircrew members] face out there," he said. One way AMDS Airmen accomplish this mission is by experiencing firsthand what the fliers go through mentally and physically through a variety of training opportunities. "We also experience the [altitude chamber], where it simulates going up in elevation," said Staff Sgt. Natllely Quintero, 99th AMDS aerospace medicine service technician. "We feel all the physiological symptoms and [gaseous [read] changes] in our body." The altitude chamber provides a controlled environment where aircrews learn to recognize what their individual physiological responses are to a low oxygen environment. The Airmen also get to conduct familiarization training with the various aircraft here in order to understand their differences.
More: http://www.nellis.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123376397

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