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Natural Bodybuilding Examiner

Cleveland The Truth Thomas vindicated by fitness judgment against Cronus promoters September 3, 2013 After almost two years of legal wrangling, Cleveland The Truth Thomas, winner of the ill-fated Cronus Pro Natural Bodybuilding Contest workouts in 2011, was awarded judgment in a Texas courtroom against promoters Jason Powell, his wife Stephanie-Lee... The choice that is destroying the fabric of sports in America August 11, 2013 The epidemic of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in sports has been largely defined as a choice the choice between breaking the rules (cheating) and using PEDs or playing by the rules and not using PEDs. ... Pro bodybuilder Kevin Riley muscling his way to the top July 30, 2013 Two weeks after muscling his way to the top of Sacramentos 16th Annual NANBF California Natural Muscle Mayhem, Kevin Riley is still basking in the glow of victory and the thrill of earning his IFPA pro card.&ldquo... When the polygraph doesn't work June 10, 2013 The polygraph has been the mainstay of natural bodybuilding since the early 1980s not so much as the definitive source of drug testing but, rather, as a precursor and complement to the more precise urine test. ... Steroids adversely affect mental health May 21, 2013 According to a new study, athletes who use anabolic steroids may suffer from mental health issues later in life.The study by researchers at the University of Gothenbergin Sweden, together with associates from Sahlgrenska University Hospital ... How will you feel if you find out YOUR children are using steroids? May 10, 2013 For natural bodybuilders who still believe that steroids are not a big deal and that, illegal or not, they are just a matter of choice, take your head out of the sand.We have a serious... Why bodybuilding will never be in the Olympics (Photos) February 27, 2013 Bodybuilders and their fans have their website lamented over the years that bodybuilding is not in the Olympics.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/natural-bodybuilding-in-national/jim-evans

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